How to Create Single Page Portfolio?

Want to showcase single pages in a gallery with sorting and searching options? This article will help you achieve it.

Have a look at the demo page for Single Page.

In order to create Single Page portfolio follow the steps –

Step 1 – Add a new portfolio.

Step 2 – Add a Title and Set portfolio type as Single Page. Click on Add Portfolio button. 

Step 3 – Single Page Portfolio offers a WordPress default editor as well as Page Builder editor to design your page. You can add your content with default WP editor or use page builder template. If you are not able to see the option to edit page with page builder you are using, refer next step.

Step 4 –  To create a Single Page Portfolio with page builder, first you need to allow portfolio – post type to be edited with page builder. For example – with Elementor, navigate to Elementor > Settings. Tick the checkbox for  Portfolio in Post Types. Save Changes. This will allow Portfolio to be edited with Elementor page builder. Refer screenshot here.

You can follow the similar process for other page builders.

Step 5 – After adding content to the page, set the thumbnail image and select Open Portfolio Item in. If you are not able to see portfolio settings, make sure they are enabled from screen options.

Step 6 – Set categories and other categories for the single page.

  • If you have set a similar category for different portfolio types ( Website, Image, Video ) you can add a tag to make the page more specific.

Step 7 – Repeat above steps to add all your single page to the portfolio.

Step 8 – Copy the IDs for all categories, other categories, and tags that are set for all single pages in the portfolio. See how to get the ID for categories, other categories, and tags? 

Step 9 – Go to a page where you wish to display a single page portfolio. Use following shortcode with the IDs that you copied in step 8.

wp_portfolio show-categories="yes"categories="1,2,3,4" show-other-categories="yes" other-categories="5,6" tags="10" columns="2" show-search="no" 

See more information about all shortcode attributes here.

Your Single Page Portfolio will display on the page. You can use the above shortcode in the post as well.

Note: After adding the shortcode to the page, if you are getting No Items Found message on the page in the front end, flush the permalinks once.

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