Getting Started with WP Portfolio!

The WP Portfolio allows showcasing beautiful websites, images, and videos to attract your clients and customers. The plugin helps you to display them together and create a good impression on visitors.

Where can I purchase WP Portfolio?

On WP Portfolio pricing page, you can see packages available for the plugin. You can select WP PORTFOLIO package that offers WP Portfolio plugin separately while it is bundled with MINI AGENCY BUNDLE and AGENCY BUNDLE packages.

How to Install WP Portfolio plugin?

After purchasing WP Portfolio you can download plugin zip from the store and install it on your WordPress site like any other plugin. See how you can proceed with installation here.

Where can I get the license key?

Activating your license or purchase key is very important. This way, you are registering the purchase you’ve made and therefore will receive free updates from us. You can find the key on the license page when you log in to our store. See more information here.

How can I activate the license?

The license key (or purchase key) is needed in various instances; like registering the product to receive free updates, logging in to our support center to request support and more. See how you can activate WP Portfolio license here.

How to get started with WP Portfolio?

Once you have installed WP Portfolio and activated the license, you can proceed with displaying different types of the portfolio on your website.

WP Portfolio plugin allows displaying following types of the portfolio –

  1. Website
    • You can import ready website demos that can be added to your portfolio. These demos are freely available with the plugin. Refer article here.
    • OR you can add websites that you created. Refer article here.
  2. Image 
    • See how you can create image portfolio and display them as image gallery here.
  3. Video 
    • See how you can create video portfolio and display them as video gallery here.
  4. Single Page
    • See how you can create single page portfolio here.
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