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    How To Resolve ‘No Items Found’ Error?

    Are you seeing the ‘No Items Found’ error after adding the WP Portfolio shortcode to the page? If yes, this article will help you to understand the reason for this error and how to fix it.

    There are various cases when you can see such notice and it mostly appears on the front end.

    1. Shortcode

    WP Portfolio shortcode helps you to display required portfolios on page/post. If you add this shortcode without a shortcode block or widget, you might see a ‘No Items Found’ error. 

    Solution – 

    Always use a dedicated shortcode block/widget/module to add the WP Portfolio shortcode. This way shortcode will work perfectly and give you the desired output. 

    2. iThemes Security Plugin 

    WP Portfolio uses a grid structure to display portfolios. Grid structure means a row-column layout. 

    When you add WP Portfolio shortcode on page/post it is expected to display portfolios in row-column layout.

    This grid structure is generated by the WP Portfolio plugin using the REST API call. 

    If you are using the iThemes Security plugin, it is most likely to block REST API calls. 

    If REST API calls are disabled, WP Portfolio can not generate a grid structure and displays an error ‘No Items Found’. 

    Solution – 

    To fix this issue, you need to enable REST API access from the iThemes Security plugin. 

    You can do so by following easy steps – 

    Step 1: From your WordPress dashboard, visit  Security menu item > Settings > WordPress Tweaks > Configure Settings 

    Step 2:  Set REST API to Default Access and click on Save Settings

    3. SG Optimizer Plugin

    If you are using the SG Optimizer plugin and have enabled its lazy loading feature, you might see a ‘No Items Found’ error. The lazy loading option can create conflicts with the WP Portfolio plugin. 

    Solution –  

    You can easily fix this issue by disabling the Lazy Load option from the SG Optimizer plugin.

    To do so, from your WordPress dashboard, visit SG Optimizer >  and turn off Fix for Lazy Loading Short Codes. 

    After trying all the above suggestions, if you are still facing the issue, contact our support team for further guidance. 

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