Version 1.4.0


  • Added call to action for the single page portfolio type.
    Added translation files support. The translation files are load from the /language/ directory.
  • Added shortcode param category-show-all to hide/show the `All` from the category. E.g. [ wp_portfolio category-show-all="no" ] it hide the All from the category.
  • Added shortcode param other-category-show-all to hide/show the All from the other category. E.g. [ wp_portfolio other-category-show-all="no" ] it hide the All from the other category.
  • Added shortcode param quick-view-text to change the “Quick View” text. Default: ‘Quick View’. E.g. [ wp_portfolio quick-view-text="Preview" ] It changes the “Quick View” text with “Preview”.
  • Added shortcode param show-quick-view to show/hide the quick preview button. Use values yes/no to show/hide the button. Default: ‘yes’. E.g. [ wp_portfolio show-quick-view="no" ] It hide the quick view button.


  • Generated the invalid portfolio if we duplicate it from the BB template.
  • Elementor demo site scale on iPhone safari device.
  • Portfolio item unlist if it created with BB duplicate layout option.
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