Version 1.0.3


  • ‘tags’ support for portfolio. It is only used in shortcode E.g. [shortcode tags='7,8']
  • ‘show-search’ shortcode param for hide/show search box E.g. [shortcode show-search='yes']
  • ‘show-categories’ shortcode param for hide/show categories E.g. [shortcode show-categories='yes']
  • ‘show-other-categories’ shortcode param for hide/show other categories E.g. [shortcode show-other-categories='yes']
  • ‘columns’ support for shortcode. E.g. [shortcode columns='2']
    (Expect value max 4).


  • Disable the page builder editor buttons & edit url fields for portfolio type (website, image & video).
  • Page builder support for single page portfolio.


  • Removed character question mark (?) from the portfolio URL which prevent caching.


  • Magnific popup close button CSS conflict.
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