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Version 1.9.0

17 Mar 2020


  • Added sitemap support for the Rank Math plugin.


  • Due to extra padding, the Tablet and Mobile viewport were wrong.
  • Portfolio wrapper class which causes an issue if we use portfolio shortcode into the single page portfolio type content.

Version 1.8.2

22 Jan 2020

Fix :

  • Important Security Update : Update Now!

A security researcher privately reported a bug about a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability. Our team immediately took action, and provided the required patch within 2 hours, releasing the update on the same day after thorough validation.

Users don’t need to panic. We haven’t heard of any exploit attempts using this vulnerability. However, we strongly recommend all our users to update WP Portfolio as soon as possible.

We take security very seriously and put in continuous efforts to keep our products safe, secure and reliable.

WP Portfolio version 1.8.2 has no known security vulnerabilities. And it is recommended that you update it now!

Version 1.8.1

24 Oct 2019


  • Excluded the portfolio links from the Yoast SEO plugins sitemap.
  • The view link appears only for the Single Page portfolio type from the portfolio list.


  • Elementor lightbox setting affects to image portfolio type lightbox.

Version 1.8.0

19 Aug 2019


  • Added the page builder selection option. So, We can now able to import the sites from the selected page builder.


  • Sites import status trigger the infinite AJAX.

Version 1.7.2

19 Jun 2019


  • Batch import status loader showing status infinite.

Version 1.7.1

13 Jun 2019


  • Option values did not save from the settings page.

Version 1.7.0

6 Jun 2019


  • Categories setting page options into tabs. Such as General, Style, and Advanced.


  • If cron is not supported for the website then showing an error such notice.
  • Showing the current batch import process into the Sync button to know the status of the current batch process. E.g. Importing Categories, Importing Sites 18 of 241 etc.
  • Updated menu title from Portfolio with WP Portfolio.
  • Updated Import button with Sync and improve the logic for importing delete and new sites.
  • Removed Force Fetch link from the settings page. Now, Deleted and new portfolio sites are imported with the Sync button.


  • If a category contains character & then it converts to the amp;
  • Quick View text is not translatable due to it is stored into the database.

Version 1.6.0

12 Apr 2019


  • Added option to enable/disable the Masonry Layout. (Screenshot). This option will show a difference only on the desktop. Masonry Layout will be disabled for mobile devices by default.


  • Existing Masonry Layout messed up on a mobile device.

Version 1.5.1

5 Apr 2019


  • Portfolios not loading on click on category due to the Image Scroll grid style issue.

Version 1.5.0

3 Apr 2019