Check out what's new with WP Portfolio

Version 1.0.6

7 Mar 2018


  • Added template override support for portfolio shortcode. Now we can override the markup from the child theme.
  • Force fetch all the Astra Started Sites once again. By default, WP Portfolio does not duplicate the sites when importing. Adding query parameter force-fetch-all-sites to the URL will just force fetch the Astra Sites once again.


  • Alt and title tag support added to the portfolio image.


  • Reload masonry once loaded all images with the Lazy load.

Version 1.0.5

15 Jan 2018


  • Added reorder portfolio support with the plugin Post Types Order.
  • Added shortcode [wp_portfolio] which is alternative for [astra-portfolio]. Shortcode [astra-portfolio] will be deprecated in the future versions of the plugin.
  • Added new filter astra_portfolio_shortcode_localize_vars.
  • Added an option to change to portfolio url slug.
  • Added support for shareable portfolio URLs.


  • Changed the plugin name from Astra Portfolio with WP Portfolio.
  • Already imported demos will not be re-imported again.

Version 1.0.4

8 Jan 2018


  • Added checkbox option ‘Open in New Tab’ for ‘Website’ portfolio it open the website portfolio in new tab instead of iFrame (Popup).


  • Added minified files support. To load un-minified files add `define( ‘SCRIPT_DEBUG’, true );` in `wp-config.php` file.
  • Settings page message messed up message.


  • Setting large portfolio thumbnail image if medium size image not found.

Version 1.0.3

14 Dec 2017


  • ‘tags’ support for portfolio. It is only used in shortcode E.g. [shortcode tags='7,8']
  • ‘show-search’ shortcode param for hide/show search box E.g. [shortcode show-search='yes']
  • ‘show-categories’ shortcode param for hide/show categories E.g. [shortcode show-categories='yes']
  • ‘show-other-categories’ shortcode param for hide/show other categories E.g. [shortcode show-other-categories='yes']
  • ‘columns’ support for shortcode. E.g. [shortcode columns='2']
    (Expect value max 4).


  • Disable the page builder editor buttons & edit url fields for portfolio type (website, image & video).
  • Page builder support for single page portfolio.


  • Removed character question mark (?) from the portfolio URL which prevent caching.


  • Magnific popup close button CSS conflict.

Version 1.0.2

8 Dec 2017


  • New: Added simple form for adding new portfolio. It only ask portfolio title and type.
  • New: Added support for image portfolio which open in lightbox.
  • New: Added support for video portfolio which open in lightbox.
  • New: Added support for single page portfolio which open in separate page for adding more details about portfolio.


  • Fix: Removed bundled products for Astra Premium Sites while updating the plugin.

Version 1.0.1

5 Dec 2017


  • Improvement: Added portfolio image post meta for setting portfolio image.
  • Improvement: Removed featured image from Astra Portfolio post type.


  • Fix: On multisite disabled license activation link on individual site.

Version 1.0.0-beta.3

4 Dec 2017

Initial Release