Brand Assets

Logos, affiliate banners and everything you need to promote WP Portfolio effectively.

WP Portfolio Logo

It is overwhelming to see you here and your interest in promoting the WP Portfolio plugin! This is where you’ll find the logo and brand assets that you’ll need to promote the plugin. You can download the WP Portfolio logo from below and use it in all your promotional material.


WP Portfolio Icons

Icons and monogram logos are needed in some promotional materials. You can download the WP Portfolio icons and monogram logos from below and use them wherever you need to promote WP Portfolio.


Promotional Banners & Screenshots

Here are some creatively designed banners and screenshots of the user interface that can be used for anything that’s promotional. Feel free to use these in your blog posts, emails, social media posts, affiliate pages, etc. where you think you can promote WP Portfolio effectively.

Brand Colors

Here are some brand colors of the WP Portfolio plugin. This is a handpicked combination of colors we’d like to see while promoting WP Portfolio.

#f2709c, #ff9472
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